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North Africa - Mar 41

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North Africa - 31 March 1941 - Enter Rommel

GHQ Middle East Forces
1. Egypt

a). HQ British Troops Egypt

11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)

1st (Royal) Dragoons

107th (South Notts Hussars) Royal Horse Artillery

4th Royal Horse Artillery

11th Czechoslovak (Middle Eastern) Battalion

? From Spring 41

4th Royal Tank Regiment

7th Royal Tank Regiment


7 Armoured Division

4 Armoured Brigade

2nd Royal Tank Regiment

7th Queen's Own Hussars

7 Armoured Brigade

1st Royal Tank Regiment

8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars

7 Support Group

2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade

'C' Battery, 4th Royal Horse Artillery

3rd Royal Horse Artillery

'M/P' Bty only - 'D/J' Bty with 2 Support Group


Polish Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade

I Rifle Battalion

II Rifle Battalion

III Rifle Battalion

1 Atk Coy

2 Atk Coy

Carpathian Artillery Regiment

Engineers Grp (HQ, 2 Coys)

The Legion of Polish Officers

attached (? dates)

Carpathian HMG Battalion

Medical Services (2 Coys, 2 Sects, Fwd Hopsital)

Transport Column (3 Plns)

Carpathian Lancers Regiment

Signals Grp (HQ, 1 Coy, 3 Plns


Alexandria Sub-Area

18 Australian Infantry Brigade

part of 7 Australian Infantry Division, en route for Greece

2/10th Australian Battalion

2/12th Australian Battalion

2/9th Australian Battalion

2/4th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers

6th Australian Divisional Cavalry Regiment

? Attachment and dates

Mersa Matruh Sub-Area

? Dates

8th Field Regiment, RA

Suez Canal Sub-Area

? Until


b). GHQ Troops


6 Infantry Division

54th Field Company, RE

16 Infantry Brigade

1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess


2nd Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment

2nd Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment (West

22 (Guards) Infantry Brigade

1st Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry

2nd Battalion, The Scots Guards

3rd Battalion, The Coldstream Guards



'A' Battalion, Layforce Commando

'B' Battalion, Layforce Commando

'C' Battalion, Layforce Commando

'D' Battalion, Layforce Commando

2. Libya
a). Cyrenaica Command

1st Battalion, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
1re Bataillon d'Infanterie de Marin (1 BIM)

2 Armoured Division

143rd Field Park Troop, RE attached from 7 Armoured Division

4th Field Squadron RE attached from 7 Armoured Division

1st King's Dragoon Guards

2nd Armoured Division Signals

2 Support Group

9th Battalion, The Rifle Brigade redesignated from 1 Bn, Tower Hamlets Rifles on 15-Jan-41
1re Compagnie, 1re Bataillon d'Infanterie de Marin (1 BIM)

'D/J' Battery, 3rd Royal Horse Artillery

104th (Essex Yeomanry) Royal Horse Artillery

1st Company, Free French Motor Battalion attached 

3 Armoured Brigade

3rd The King's Own Hussars

5th Royal Tank Regiment

6th Royal Tank Regiment

16th Australian Antitank Company attached ? Until

1st Royal Horse Artillery attached ? Until

9 Australian Infantry Division

2/3rd Antitank Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery 9th Bty only - 10th & 11th Btys detached to 3

Indian Motor Brigade, 12th Bty still in Palestine

until 05-Apr-41

51st Field Regiment, RA attached

2/13th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers

2/3rd Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers

2/7th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers

1st Battalion, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers attached. One company detached to 9 Bn, The

Rifle Brigade from 26-Mar-41

2/1st Australian Pioneer Battalion

20 Australian Infantry Brigade

2/13th Australian Battalion

2/15th Australian Battalion

2/17th Australian Battalion

20th Australian Antitank Company

24 Australian Infantry Brigade

2/28th Australian Battalion

2/43rd Australian Battalion

24th Australian Antitank Company

26 Australian Infantry Brigade

2/23rd Australian Battalion

2/24th Australian Battalion

2/48th Australian Battalion

26th Australian Antitank Company

3 Indian Motor Brigade

18th King Edward VII's Own Cavalry

2nd Royal Lancers (Gardner's Horse)

Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (11th Frontier Force)

2/3rd Antitank Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery 10 & 11 Btys attached from 9 Australian Infantry Division





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