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Burma Railway Volunteer Corps  

The photograph below was taken at the British hill station at Aungban, between Pindaya and Boutaloke Lake, almost certainly before the outbreak of war with Japan.  A note with the photograph identifies the men as serving with the 'BRVC'.  


The BRVC were the Burma Railway Volunteer Corps. Lance Vissier writes:

The battalion was known as the Burma Railways Volunteer Corps between the 1890s and 1917 when the Imperial Defense Force (which later was renamed the Indian Aux. Force) was formed. The name was changed at that time. The information is from one of the army lists.

The unit was originally raised in 1879 as The Rangoon and Irrawaddy State Railway Volunteer Rifle Corps being retitled The Burma State Railway Corps in 1884.  1899 saw the the change of title to the BRVC and in 1917 a further change gave rise to the 21st Burma Railway Battalion.  The title became the Burma Railways Battalion in 1920 and the battalion became part of the Burma Auxiliary Force following separation in 1937. (Source: "Sons of John Company", Gaylor J, Parapress, Tunbridge Wells (1992 & 1996))

The location is actually Aungban in the Southern Shan States.

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